Palace in Budapest

Structures 1

Columns to Burn

Structures 2

Red brick castle on the Rhine

Structures 3

Palatial Entry

Structures 4

Ornate decor and colorful tile roof

Structures 5

Bridge of many arches

Structures 6

Stone variety, durability, color contrast

Structures 7

Spring Palace outside of St. Petersburg

Structures 8

Spring Palace outside of St. Petersburg

Structures 9

Shanghai's China Town

Structures 10

Brussels City Center at night

Structures 11

City Plaza Building Cluster

Structures 12

Classic building in Brussels City Center

Structures 13

Fortress on the river

Structures 14

Windmill residence

Structures 15

Still Pumping

Structures 16

Scotland's Firth of Forth RR Bridge

Structures 17

Edinburg Castle

Structures 18

Scotland Castle

Structures 19

City Hall: Dunfermline, Scotland

Structures 20

Garden of Scotland Castle

Structures 21

Magic Kingdom:  Disney World

Structures 22

Gaylord Hotel Atrium

Structures 23

Yellow Castle on the Rhine

Structures 24

Windmills on Mykonos Island

Structures 25

Red Square in the afternoon sun

Structures 26

Budapest's Chain Bridge

Structures 27

Legislative Building in Budapest

Structures 28

Spectacular ruins: Taormina Park

Structures 30

Entry gate to Taormina Hotel

Structures 31

Magnificent bridge across the Sea of Corinth

Structures 32

Fortress Overlooking Nauplia, Greece

Structures 33

Yangtze River Dam:  Almost completed

Structures 34

Across the plaza from the Hermitage

Structures 35

The Hermitage: St. Petersburg

Structures 36