Fisherman's Dream
The Baliker Gallery
Palm Coast, Florida

The Baliker Gallery
Palm Coast, Florida

The Old Man and the Sea
The Baliker Gallery
Palm Coast, Florida

Bronze Bares on the Baltic

Sculpture 1

Gretchen the Great

Sculpture 2


Sculpture 3

Smiling Marble Buddha

Sculpture 4

Recumbent Marble Buddha

Sculpture 5

Mother and Child

Sculpture 6

Two persons:  Three faces

Sculpture 7

Freeform Sculpture

Sculpture 8

Fighting demons

Sculpture 9

St Petersburg War Memorial Sculpture

Sculpture 10

Wartime labor

Sculpture 11

Riverside Sculpture:  Rostov on Don

Sculpture 12

Gigantic Lady Sculpture:  Russian War Memorial

Sculpture 13

Good Luck Turtle

Sculpture 14

Masons and Stonecutters

Sculpture 15

Fountain Decor

Sculpture 16

Bronze Man and best friend

Sculpture 17

Plaza Creation

Sculpture 18

Fortress Entrance Sculpture

Sculpture 19

Bearded on a bench

Sculpture 20

Little Mermaid in the Harbor

Sculpture 21

Fountain in Lenz

Sculpture 22

Scrap Dinosaur

Sculpture 23

Little Drummer Boy

Sculpture 24

Gutenberg Sculpture

Sculpture 25

German War Memorial

Sculpture 26

Horseback Sculpture

Sculpture 27

World War I Corner Sculpture

Sculpture 28

Red Jade Sculpture

Sculpture 29

Angelic Couple

Sculpture 30

Magnificent pair:  Magnificent Tree

Sculpture 31

Lion's Gate

Sculpture 32

Dolphins high and dry

Sculpture 33

Tile sculpture in Buddhist Park:  Victoria Island

Sculpture 34

Xian Army

Sculpture 35

Man on the street

Sculpture 36

Plaza Sculpture

Sculpture 37