Double Barrel Canon: Athens, Georgia

Novel 47

Colossal Chinese Cloisonné


Greetings from the Bridge:  Kiel Canal

Novelties 1

Above the Falls: Below the Falls

Novelties 2

Paul Bunyan's Marbles

Novelties 3

Conch House Huts

Novelties 4

Female Grapes

Novelties 5

Get the Point?

Novelties 6

Three Peeking

Novelties 7

Shadows in Disarray

Novelties 8

Mug Shots

Novelties 9

Hanging Out in the Kitchen

Novelties 10

The Cormorant Story

Cormorant Looking All Around

Novelties 13

Cormorant Feeding Fresh

Novelties 12

Cormorant Flushing

Novelties 11

Hotel Still-life

Novelties 14

Stopped at 13,000 Feet Over the Pacific: 1954

Novelties 15

Folks on a Glacier

Novelties 16

Tiling the Banks of the Yangtze

Novelties 18

Want to Buy a Wooden Camel?

Novelties 19

Stone Storage

Novelties 20

Fritz Frischmuth's B'ACKEREI

Novelties 21

Walkway with Overhang

Novelties 22

Twice Smart

Novelties 23

Meteora's Mountain Backdrop

Novelties 24

Budapest's Big Wheel

Novelties 25

Russia's Ceramic Heater

Novelties 27

Big Beautiful Russian Women

Novelties 28

Up the Wall

Novelties 29

Down the Wall

Novelties 30

Golden Arches Goodies in Shanghai

Novelties 31

Holland's Humor

Novelties 32

Two Peeking

Novelties 33

Home in the Mill

Novelties 34

Holland's Flying Dutchman

Novelties 35

One Foot in Holland

Novelties 36

How many Dutchmen does it take?

Novelties 37

Where's the Beef at the Highland Games?

Novelties 38

What itches at Scotland's Highland Games?
The visiting king!

Novelties 39

Do you see a silver Sculpture?

No!  This is a painting so true to life

it jumps off of the canvas.

Novelties 40

Long Poles in Russia

Novelties 41

Morning Stretch in Sicily

Novelties 42

One Huge Stone and Two Ladies

Novelties 43

Ancient and Modern Residences:  Hong Kong

Novel 44

Low Maintenance Army:  Xian Style

Novel 45

Cormorant looking to the rear

Novel 46