Kowloon in Lights


McDonald in Moscow

Night 1

Pedestrian Mall in Moscow


Citibank in Moscow

Night 3

Moscow's River Scene

Night 4

Moscow's Incomparable Circus

Night 5

Classic Hotel

Night 6

Same Hotel Shadow Enhanced

Night 7

White at Night

Night 8

Moscow's Blue Bridge

Night 9

White Bridge

Night 10

Classic Hotel:  Front View

Night 11

Red Square Religious Decor

Night 12

Red Square's Mall after Dark

Night 13

Chinese Characters

Night 14

Sleeping Gondolas

Night 15

Venice at Dusk

Night 16

Taormina's Ariston Hotel: Patio Restaurant

Night 17

Patio Restaurant

Night 18

Ariston Front Elevation

Night 19

Excavation at the Ariston

Night 20

View of Excavation

Night 21

Ariston's Patio Bar

Night 22

Colorful Walk in Germany

Night 23

Kusadasi at Dawn

Night 24

Dining Room Aboard Ship

Night 25

Linz Christmas Market

Night 26

Linz River Bridge

Night 27

River Bridge Enhanced

Night 28

Linz Bridge View Two:  Raw

Night 29

View Two:  Enhanced

Night 30

Linz Blue Museum by the River

Night 31

White Ship by Blue Museum

Night 32

Shanghai Multicolor Arches: Red

Night 33

River Boat in Shanghai

Night 34

Shanghai River Walk

Night 35

Riverside Hotel:  Shanghai

Night 36

River Walk Decor:  Guilin

Night 37

Guilin River Walk

Night 38

Street Scene, Kowloon

Night 39

Hong Kong Waterfront Elevation

Night 40

Mykonos After Dark

Night 41

Cathedral at Night

Night 42