The Monkey's Magic Mirror

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 The Old Monkey's complete canopy
The old monkey has published hundreds of stories and thousands of pictures
on the internet over the past 20+ years.  It seems likely that another generation
with the growth in knowledge, travel, industry, and technology will never occur again.
The ride over eight decades has been phenominal.    

One kid grows up The highlights of growing up during the 1930's and 1940's
Other kids' stories When other kids do interesting things
Adult funny farm When adults do what they do, anything can happen
Seven years a sailor The first career is four years in college (NROTC) and three years active duty
How to get ahead in America When an old educator examines the research on getting ahead in America
Around the world in pictures A collection of pictures during retirement from around the world
Spectacular Scenery A collection of pictures sorted by classification
Civilian rehabilitation A career based upon serving handicapped civilian adults
What on earth? Where on earth are you: Tests based upon pictures from anywhere.
Liberal letters When liberals write, their thinking, or lack of, is a red flag!
Obama's goose When Obama is POTUS his graduate papers are graded here.